Ida Resi Alit

In March 2007, Ida Resi Alit was ordained "High Priestess" by the Council of Hindu Dharma and became the youngest person to ever receive this title. Her story is one of legend. 

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Online Meditation

This video recording of a ritual blessing ceremony includes a guided meditation with Ancient Balinese Chanting, Sanskrit, Mudras, and the energetic Root language of Ancient Egypt, Hebrew, and Chinese. 

Individual Session

Experience a malukat ceremony (water purification ceremony) to receive emotional, spiritual, and energetic cleansing. This option also includes private time to speak with Ida Resi Alit and receive spiritual guidance. 

Blessing Ceremonies

Attendees have been known to experience the release of negative emotions, a greater sense of peace, connection to a higher power, a deepened sense of awareness, and feelings of bliss. 


Ida Resi Alit is responsible for the well being of over 300,000 community members of Bangli, Bali. She mediates and provides counsel on personal matters, family, and community disputes. She works closely with the government conducting large ceremonies of up to 10,000 people; sometimes several times a day.

Tri Hita Karana

Ida Resi Alit is on a mission to create harmony between people and source, people and the environment, and people with one another.

Ritual Blessing Ceremonies

Ida Resi Alit offers a range of ceremonies including spiritual awakening, water purification, life transition, guided meditation, and financial blessing. 

Community is everything! Ida Resi Alit would love to stay connected with you. She will let you know when she has new content as well as opportunities to meet in person.



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